New Off Camera Flash trigger from Pocket Wizard

March 5, 2013

I was very pleased to see that Pocket Wizard have just launched a brand new trigger for Off Camera Flash and studio lights the Plus X.

As you probably know I teach workshops in Off Camera Flash photography and I also use and recommend Pocket Wizard products as they just work. That’s all you need from a trigger, something that works all the time. I’ve used other triggers in the past and they haven’t been 100% reliable. I want to know that when I press my shutter, my flash is going to fire when I want it to.

There were a few minor design flaws in the triggers that I use, namely the plastic ariel that my old triggers (The Plus II) have, has a tendency to bend and deform. I like to look after my kit, so this does annoy me slightly. However Pocket Wizard addressed this with their new Plus III’s that they brought out the other year, by having the arial as part of the housing.

On my workshops I go though all of my equipment for people as I’ve tried most things on the market and I’ve found what works and more importantly what doesn’t work, so if I can save people time and money then i’m more than happy to. So in looking at triggers, I know that recommending Pocket Wizards is the right thing to do as they are so reliable and they will also last you years and years. However the only downside of them has always been the price, they are very expensive. BUT NOT ANY MORE.

Yes thats right, Pocket Wizard have just release the Plus X. Which is a simplifyed version of their Plus III’s and has a price tag of under $100. Thats a massive saving. Don’t worry about them being a more basic version as they do everything that you will need them to. In fact the last Pocket Wizard product that I purchased I had to use the firmware (yes it was that complicated it had firmware) to make it a simple trigger as I didn’t need all the bells and whistles that came with it. All I needed it to do what fire the flash when I pressed the shutter and thats exactally what the new Plus X does. If I hadn’t already invested in this system i’d be looking to buy these on the first day that they came out and thats just what i’ll be recommending to people on my workshops.

If you’ve got any Flash related questions that I can help with or you’d like to do one of my workshops, please do get in contact with me by clicking this link: I want to know more about my flashgun from the Grand Master Flash

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